20.august.1999 charlene's house

charlene's mom found like 15 dirty guys in her living room watching porno right before any bands went on - it was wonderful - me and Doug from a life once lost weren't even clam about it- as soon as she walked in we were like two school boys smoking in the bathroom - we jumped over the table and ran out like madmen - my car sped away just in time to hear her freaking out at everyone - it was rad - then later we came back and pretended that we had just arrived and she didn't notice -the show! ohh it was the best time I ever had playing a show --- it was great-there is nothing more I could ever want than to someday feel that kind of godliness just one more time - we were everything - it was the best and the worst feeling I have ever had in my whole life- all our friends were there to support us -we made these canadians cry-- just wonderful - thanks to everyone we will play a show and soon -so keep those eyes dry

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