the band
{left to right: jd, tommy, and anthony}

audience of one is...

anthony green...lead vocals, guitar
tommy d...vocals, bass
j.d. foster...drums

band bio

audience of one started on a school bus alittle more than two years ago. i met tom one morning when i witnessed a girl trying to wake him up because it was her birthday andshe had cookies for everyone on the bus. she nudged him causally and when he opened his eyes i believe he was heard to say"if you ever touch me again, i will set your f***ing house on fire". i liked tom immediately from that point on. we both were interested in the same kind of music, and that fueled the majority of our conversation.we didn't hang out until i tried out to play rhythm guitar for his hard-core band "junction 232". i was kicked out of the band before the end of the night, but tom and i got along so well that we stayed friends. long after the breakup of junction (about a week after the first show) - tom and i had begged the band leader at school who played drums to play with us. i stole a base from this hippie kid and we practiced. our name was handsome Pete. we were bad grind core. all our drummer could ever do was play his double base and play "angle of death". we changed our name when tom and i had tried to add a little more dynamics to the music. we were not satisfied with grind core. we had both discovered indie rock and post-punk music on our own years before and were hopping to do something along those lines, except that just wasn't going to happen. the funniest thing about our band was we were missing shows because our drummer was in trouble, or talked back to his mom, or stupid bullshit like that. he thought he was so metal, and he wasn't allowed out passed 11:00. THATS METAL. we got sick of him and started to practice and write songs on our own. we had developed our own kind of sound that was a good mix of our favorite bands. this was just he and i. then after a show one night i met bob meadows of a life once lost. he really like us and kind of saw that we were unhappy playing shows where our drummers dad said it was OK, so he set up a show for us. i like him as well, just a rad guy. we got to meet thisdayforward, and a lot of other people who just rocked, we played badly. shortly after that we kicked Evean out. to this day, that dude is still giving us shit, but we just tell him that he was metal enough. then one night i went to go see days away's first show with tess from fall on deaf years. there i met JD Foster (the love of my life) he was sorry to hear about our break up and told me he played drums, (i thought "oh great" another dude that just wants to be in a band). Colin from TDF told me he was really good, so we got together one afternoon at my house. tom and i didn't really know what to expect. i stared playing this song i had been working on called "show your teeth". it's a little hard to explain in words what happened, but we started to rock out in like 10 seconds. he was amazing. but that wasn't it - he seemed to bring out the best in us, he filled out this sound perfectly. we soon became friends. he and i got along instantly , but tom didn't warm up to him until a little later. we wrote songs together, all of us, that was something i just wasn't used to, it was rad. i have never felt more content with my position in a project, than i do right now. JD, tom, and i will always be audience of one--( it was really audience of one until we played with JD anyway)--this whole thing has helped us learn so much about ourselves. we may not be grind core any more but -- the TRUE core still remaining is one that is both empty and completely full. whatever it is that we do, what ever you would like to call it, it is ours forever. the name that can be named is not an eternal name. our work is done and then forgotten. we love what we do but only at the moment that it happens. when it's done, it's done, and we move on. but it will never end --- from here on in its all about Rock!

anthony green...audience of one.

contact info.

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holland, pa u$a 18966

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