april 17th, st. ephrems church-- this was our first show, revealing the new and improved audience of one.  with a different lineup and a different sound, we were back in the scene. anthony and tom switched instruments, so anthony now plays guitar and tom plays bass. we have a new drummer, jd, who comes from the remnants of makeshift.  we ditched the previous grind-core style, and now play much more melodic, rocking music.  the show was great.  bob did an excellent job of setting it up, and we thank him for the opportunity for letting us play.  there were a great number of people there, which made us even more excited.  there were many unexpected attendees, mostly due to local hearthrobs, days away, but the show went well.  we played pretty good, despite jd breaking four drumsticks, one while counting off the second song.  keith from as one records did us a huge favor and made some tapes of a never released seven inch so we had material for people.  all of the bands there were great too.  fall on deaf years kicked it off, playing 3 awesome songs. these guys have great potential, look out for them in the future.  days away brought in the abercrombie hunnies, and sung us sweet lullabies to nirvana.  its hard to believe that these guys are so young, nevertheless, they rocked.  demiurge - wow. four very talented musicians come together to create a very unique sound.  these guys suprised me with what they played, i can't wait to get my hands on something of theirs in the future.  peter parker- this was the first time i saw them in about 6 months.  i'm glad to see that they haven't changed much. driven by walking basslines, they proved they could still rock out.  bazhena. bazhena, bazhena, bazhena.  this was the first time i saw them play with their new drummer. i must say they were completely amazing.  they always blow me away, its good to see that they have still been progressing during their vacation.  blueskiesfade- one of my favorite local bands, sounded amazing, such a full sound.  with the crowd singing along, it was a great time.  snatch - my first time hearing this local punk band. i think they rock. chris's guitar strap broke, so gary from tdf got on all fours to give him a boost.   that's brotherhood.  they only played 4 songs due to time, but what great songs they were.  and the last band thisdayforward.  being the extreme tdf fan that i am, i attend most of their shows.  this i must say, was their most intense show ever. i won't even begin to speak of them, but if you havent seen them, do it.  well that concludes my thoughts on this show. thanks for your time reading this.....audience of one.

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