may 8th, lansdowne friends school--this show was set up by BJ of gruntled records. the show was in the basement of a school. it was pretty nice. this was the first show we took the Audience of One VAN OF DEATH to. the passengers in the van o' death were jennifer (jd's girlfriend), anthony and tom, and gregg and keith hollywood of days away. jd had the helm for the exciting trip. anthony and the kids from days away sang us sweet lullabies the whole way there. there were a good number of bands playing this night, however i missed many to eat dinner. this was a life once lost's first show. their vocalist, bob, had his first practice with the band that day. they were great. their straight up fist raising hardcore style was excellent, especially for one days practice. bob is a madman, constantly crawling on the floor. a very intense performance. asiatic spike, fire down below, vlad the impaler also played. i did not get a chance to see enough of each band to really judge them (sorry everybody). thisdayforward played, with mike from bazhena playing guitar instead of mike golen. despite the lineup change, they still rocked. we had a great show. there were no technical difficulties, except for jd breaking a metal chair by the sheer power of his butt. this was probably one of our best shows, we were really pleased with the way we played. we unleashed a new song that night, sao sin (an old chinese proverb meaning "keep your heart small"), our softest and most melodic song. the final performance of the night....BLOODBATH! yes, the norwegian wonders were paid $15,000 to play. armed with clubs, they raped and pillaged the audience. during the last song, their twelve monkeys ran in without their shirts and threw red juicy juice all over the basement, as well as the audience. the people who put the show together weren't too happy to say the least. bloodbath and the monkeys quickly packed up and left without cleaning, shame shame. anyways, for the lack of a crowd, we made up for it with a very satisfying perfomance. thanks to all those who came out to the show, (amy t.), even though you and i played their last show that day. . .audience of one

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