11.March.2000 : faith reformed church, levittown pa

this was our first show since christmas break.  i was home from college for spring break, and our good friend keith was able to get us on a show the day before i left to come back to pittsburgh.  the first band was jonathan's cross.  a decent band, they covered stepping stone by the monkees, so that earned them a couple extra stars.  next up was fairweather, who rocked real hard.  they sounded like saves the day, and they were all going nuts.  excellent.  their drummer was knocking over his kit.  after them was pain within.  they turned out all the lights, and had two flood lights illuminating them as they played.  an excellent effect.  they were consciously reserved while playing, not wanting to destroy the church where it was at. they played hard none the less, rocking as they always do.  keepsake played after them.  they were on tour [came all the way from florida].  keith and ltj productions were able to give them a show.  they were awesome, their drummer had a janet jackson style microphone, and traded singing and screaming with the vocalist.  they just got a new guitarist, it was his second show with them.  they were surprisingly tight for only playing one show before this.  then it was our turn to take the stage.  our friend derėk, originally from sweeden, who recently moved to kentucky, played with us.  it was the first time we ever played with two guitars.  it rocked.  we taught him 6 songs a couple days before, then he learned another 2 in the bathroom right before we played.  tommy d is back with us, and it felt real good to have him back.  aside from minor drum [thanks ray] and guitar problems, it was awesome.  my hands haven't hurt that much in a long while.  it was the best feeling.  after us, bloodbath made a special guest appearance from norway.  they played 4 songs in a record 1.5 minutes. they opened with the classic "shark attack" and closed with "lunch lady overture".  it was an awesome show.  thanks to everyone who came out last minute to the show.  it was the best feeling i have had in a very long while.

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