--quick news updates--

-31.5.2001 | if anyone is interested in getting a copy of our 4 song unreleased e.p. email me [kai5ers0ze@aol.com]. i have some cdr copies of it.

-12.01.2001 | here is some quick news. new pictures should be up soon. we still haven't done anything with the promo, but I am going to put an mp3 up of one of the songs off it. it should be up shortly.

-16.11.2000 | its been a long time since i updated so here is the past:
greg itzen from days away joined the band in june. he adds a great deal of dynamics as well as a new hairstyle to the band. audience of one left for tour in july. the day before we were supposed to leave, anthony and tom both informed us that they could not go. greg and jd went without them. you can't stop the rock. after 4 days out, our van was robbed in chicago, forcing us to turn around. the tour was cut short, but it rocked hard.
audience of one returned to skylight studio to record a four song promo. these new songs are our best material yet. they are currently being distributed to record labels in hope of any intrest of a full length release.
a complete tour diary as well as updated news about the promo soon to come.

-17.07.2000 | audience of one has been writing new material and getting rid of some old songs. we are planning on entering the studio to record a 4 song demo to be sent out. check out the shows sections to get the news on the quasi-tour.

-16.02.2000 | jd has taken over the web page updates, look for a new page soon! the band has played a couple shows with mr. tom trimble on bass. tom's band -the commercials- are getting much well needed attention, we wish him luck with them. audience of one is in the process of booking a tour for this summer, i'll post the details once we confirm things..

-06.02.1999 | the new CD "i remember when this all meant something" is out on breakeven records. check out the discography page for more info.

-05.09.1999 | the new CD will be coming out on breakeven records.
it will have ten songs.

audience of one will also be playing some shows this winter so stay tuned.

-28.06.1999 | we just recorded at the skylight in levittown pa. 
expect to see a seven song cd out very soon on as one records.

-17.07.2000 | tour stuff entered, shows updated.
-10.03.2000 | new site is being created. i am still working out all the bugs, so be patient
-06.12.1999 | info. on CD added to discography page.
anthony's email updated.

-19.10.1999 | more links added to the links page.